Starting a business is a time-consuming project and takes a lot of attention and dedication. Your business matters, and in order for it to become all you want it to, you need to spend less time sifting through emails and more time fleshing out business plans. Unfortunately, along the way you begin to accumulate junk emails, CC emails, and general information emails. I don’t know a single entrepreneur who has enough time to go through each email thoroughly while continuing to grow their business.

That’s where my services come in. Email management, calendar management, data entry, itinerary research, and culmination are all services I provide to help you free up more of your time. Your time is precious, and with me sorting through your emails or scheduling, you can rest assured that it’s being done, and being done thoughtfully. If you have your business plan in your head but need help getting it planned out on paper, I can help!

Allow me to join you on your journey. I don’t need overhead, I provide my own computer, desk, phone, internet, and you don’t need to pay for my health insurance!


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